How To Pay Credit Card Bills Online?

The Internet has made banking a lot easier. Internet Banking is available at almost all Indian banks. In numerous respects, paying credit card bills via online banking is preferable to alternative methods of payment. It’s straightforward, easy, and practical. Now, the questions are what are the available online credit card bill payment methods?, and How to pay credit card bills online? Let us answer your questions in detail:

Credit card bill payment options and procedures:

  1. Bank’s Mobile Application: This is probably the easiest way to pay your credit card bill. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to successfully pay your bill:
    a) Download the concerned bank’s mobile application from the store.
    b) Fill in the Customer ID and password to access your account.
    c) Go to the payments section and select ‘card’.
    d) Choose your registered credit card and click on Pay Now.
    e) Fill in the amount needed to be paid and other required information.
    f) Confirm the payment.
  2. Via Internet Banking: The Internet Banking facility is yet another suitable way to pay your credit card bill, here’s how you can utilize this feature:
    a) Log in to your bank’s NetBanking Server with your ID and Password.
    b) Select your registered credit card.
    c) Find your suitable payment option.
    d) Fill in the amount and other required information.
    e) Confirm the payment.
  3. ATM Transfer: The steps to be followed for paying your credit card bill via ATM Transfer are:
    a) Insert your card from which you intend on making your credit card bill payment at your nearest ATM.
    b) Go to Menu →  More options Make Credit Card Payment
    c) Select the account with which you’d like to make the payment.
    d) Enter the amount to be paid and press confirm.
    e) Enter your card details and press confirm.
    f) Enter your debit card’s PIN to pay the amount and to complete the transaction.
  4. AutoPay Transfer: Autopay is a credit card bill payment method that helps you in paying your credit card bill as and when it becomes due.
    a) Log in to your bank’s NetBanking Server with your ID and Password.
    b) Go to the bill payment tab → Credit card bill pay.
    c) Enter the card details and select the auto-debit option.
    d) Set up a maximum debit amount.
  5. Through NEFT: One of the efficient credit card bill payment methods is via net banking using NEFT, and you can use any bank’s net banking account. To move cash to your credit card account, you must first add it as a beneficiary account which can be done by filling in required data such as bank name, credit card number, cardholder name, branch address, ifsc code, and so on. It might take up to 24 hours to add a new beneficiary in net banking, depending on the bank.

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